Lit’ circles EYLISIUM


This term we are starting lit’ circles. The book we are reading is EYLISIUM and it is about a paranormal adventure by Cathryn jinks. It looks amazing and I know  you shouldn’t  judge a book by it’s cover.

It’s almost an all girl group except we have one boy in our group but that’s ok.




image image


Hey guys,

For maths we were learning how to showing how to visualise a gragh and show percentages and different fractions. To do so my class each got a packet of M&Ms and had to count them and put the percentages in a pie graph. Most people drew their pie gragh but I made mine out of  small circle pieces of paper. It was so fun! I know I just called maths fun , crazy right? Anyway I would do it again in a heartbeat.




Rhyming poem

Topic: I can’t think

I can’t think,

whitch makes me feel in sync ,

with my new soft drink that is covered with ink.

It’s very annoying,

whitch I’m not enjoying so I’m destroying,

every last bit , that I did knit , every last bit,

I don’t feel fit not one little bit

Now I want to quit,

oh , now I can think,

I can write it in ink while drinking soft drink


Italian week!!!

This week was Italian week at Apollo. On Monday the grade 1s/our buddy’s got pizza and galati. On Wednesday two men (Mario and James ) came to our school and showed us a play about la festa / Carnevale which is a Italian calibration. On Thursday the year fives got pizza and galati . Today the grade 1s came to there buddy grades and made masks. My buddy’s favourite thing about Italian week was the show that Mario and James performed for the school. My favourite thing about Italian week was making masks with our buddy’s.

By Rarnee and Alessia


Blue Light Disco

My sis and I
My sis and I

Every couple of months the police and the fire brigade organise a disco and it’s called the blue light and I went tonight with my step god sister Georgia and it was awesome. We even danced “whip and nay nay”. We also dance to “pop it lock it”. What! You don’t know pop it lock it by Hannah Montana!!!!

Anyway if you have been to a blue light please leave a comment and tell me what you think about the blue light

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